How Skip bins can help with your office waste 

Skip Bins are effective commercial rubbish and waste disposal solutions that can help save your business time and money.   Skip bins are used by all types of businesses in Sydney.  They are affordable, efficient and effective in removing commercial waste.

What can Skip Bins be used for

Skip bins in Sydney can be hired for a multitude of rubbish and waste disposal.  Here is a quick list of what businesses use skip bins for:

Construction waste

Skip bins are useful in removing all types of construction waste including concrete, bricks, scrap metal, timber, roof tiles, stones and so forth.  Vast amount of construction waste are generated in building and construction works and skip bins are used all the time to keep the worksite clean and safe.

Green waste

Green bins are hired by professional landscaping and gardening companies to remove green waste generated from replanting, landscaping or garden maintenance works. The bins offer an easy solution to quickly and effectively remove green waste.

Electrical appliances

Old, broken appliances in the office can be thrown into a skip bin.  These can be anything from old fans to microwaves to vacuum cleaners.

Paper and cardboard waste

Very few businesses are 100% paperless.  Most businesses will generate a significant amount of cardboard and paper waste and these need to be removed when it accumulates. The best solution is to use a skip bin to take the accumulated waste away.


Skip bins are effective solution to removing office e-waste like computers, printers and keyboards.  E-waste cannot be thrown out with the rubbish.  Skip bin hire companies have special arrangement with recycling plants to dispose of it.

Event management waste

A company planning a big public event like a concert, a product launch or an exhibition will generate a substantial amount of waste and rubbish. A skip bin is usually hired to remove rubbish and restore the premises to its original clean and tidy state.

How Skip Bin hire can benefit your business

Saves money for the business

Hiring a skip bin to remove your commercial waste will save your business money.  Skip bin hire companies are competitive in Sydney.  Most operators offer a special discount for regular waste removal services.Skip bin hire is a cheaper option for the business than landfills.  The amount of waste generated by the business can be easily taken away for a fixed price. If you are a tradie, a skip bin is the ideal solution for removing unwanted waste at the end of a job.

Saves time

Hiring a skip bin to remove your waste will save you time.   If you were a small business operator and you have a substantial amount of waste to remove, you won’t have the time to look for a landfill, hire a trailer, load and unload many loads of rubbish. Ringing a skip bin hire company to take the rubbish away for you simplifies the process.  The skip bin hire will drop the bin on the kerb.  You only have to load it up once.  There is no driving involved because it will be picked up and removed out of your sight when you are ready.   You save the time to focus on more important things for the business.

Keeps the workplace clean

Using a skip bin to remove rubbish and waste will help keep the workplace clean.  A clean workplace is important for staff health.  A clean place is less likely to attract harmful germs and bacteria that can make your staff sick. As a business, the last thing you want is sick employees. If sickness regularly occurs, it can be costly for your business.  You will have to invest time and money in finding replacement staff and paying additional medical insurance.

Keeps the workplace safe

A regular spring clean of the office is important.  Spring cleaning generates a lot of rubbish that will need to be removed.  A skip bin can effectively handle this problem for your business. Decluttering the office makes it a safe place for employees.  A neater and tidier office creates more positive vibes for your employees.  Removing unnecessary rubbish and cartons for example, can minimise the risks of falls and trips. No business wants the burden of workplace accidents.  They are costly both emotionally, physically and financially to all parties involved.

Keeps the customers impressed

A big clean-out of the office and a skip bin to remove the waste generated will keep the office looking clean and tidy all the time. How the office or shop looks is important to the business.  Customers are influenced by first impressions.  Many of them will not want to buy your product or services if your office or shop looks dirty and cluttered.    So a regular clean-out using a skip bin to remove all unwanted waste is a good idea to keep your business appearance on tip top condition.

Helps with office moving

If your lease has expired and your business is moving to new premises, you will have to do a major clean out.  This is one of the best times to hire a skip bin. Employees can help sort what they want and put all the unwanted waste into the skip bin you have hired.

Ideal for office renovations and improvements

A renovation, however big or small, will require a skip bin to remove the construction waste generated.

Ideal for office de-cluttering

An office can easily become cluttered with old cardboard boxes, files, old furniture and so forth. The best way to remove clutter is to do a quick spring clean and call a skip bin hire company to take it all away for you. If your business has waste to remove, call Sydney’s most reliable skip bin hire company today. Call Tangoskip. Tangoskip is Sydney’s leading skip bin hire.  We have a wide range of skip bins for hire from small 2 cubic metre bins to large 10 cubic metre bins.  To book a bin, call us on 0422 222 468 or email us: