How to choose a skip bin 

A skip bin is the most efficient way to quickly dispose of large volumes of waste.  They are extremely useful for both domestic and commercial waste disposal needs for example construction and building sites, office moving out, garage clean-outs, gardening and so forth.

Types of waste you can put into a skip bin

Skip bins can remove many kinds of waste including:

Construction and demolition waste

Waste generated at construction and building sites like soil, stones, concrete, plasterboard, timber, glass, metal, and other debris.

Garden waste

Green waste including grass, tree stumps, branches, hedges, soil, and as well as garden waste like fencing, wires, cast-iron furniture, pots and planters


Unwanted electronics like computer, mobile, telephones, keyboards, printers and facsimile machines.

Electrical appliance waste

Broken fans, fridges, microwaves, washing machine, driers, electrical fan heaters, televisions and stereo systems

Household waste and general waste

Old carpets, broken furniture, old curtains, rugs, mats, bottles, newspapers, boxes, tin cans and many more

Kitchen waste (non-organic)

Old stoves, benchtops, sinks, cupboard doors, floors, pots and pans, broken crockery and glassware, and kitchen appliances (like blenders, kettles, rice cookers and others)

Bathroom waste

Furniture, bath tubs, shower stall, shower door, shower rail, taps, sinks and many more. Have you ever been in a position where you know you need to hire a skip but have no idea how to begin? To avoid the stress and headaches of choosing the wrong skip bin, we have listed a few simple tips to help you.

Choose the right size skip bin

Getting the right size bin is very important for your waste disposal project.  If you order a wrong bin you could be wasting time and money dealing with the consequences. A bin that is too small means you cannot fit all the rubbish into the skip.  You will have to hire another bin for more money. There is time wasted waiting for the second bin to deliver.  You also have the problem of where to store all the rubbish while you sort out the second bin.

How to solve the problem with the size

Skip bins come in cubic metres.  It can be complicating trying to work out exactly how much volume you have to fit the bins. However, if you break it down to easy to visualise measurements you may able to make an intelligent guesstimate of what size skip bin you may require.

Try the wheelie bin method

A normal household wheelie bin is a 240-litre bin. Approximately four well-packed 240-litre bins will fill one cubic metre. You would need eight full wheelie bins, for example, to fill a two cubic metre skip bin. So, if you can imagine how many wheelie bins of rubbish you have, you can roughly estimate the size of the skip bin you will need to hire. Skip bin vs wheelie bins 2 m skip = 8 wheelie bins of rubbish A 2 m skip bin, known as a mini skip, is our smallest skip bin for hire. The 2 m skip bin holds the equivalent of eight wheelie bins of rubbish. 3 m skip = 12 wheelie bins of rubbish A 3 m skip can hold an additional four wheelie bins’ worth of rubbish, that is, 12 wheelie bins’ worth of rubbish in total. 4 m skip = 16 wheelie bins of rubbish A 4m skip can hold up to 16 wheelie bins’ worth of rubbish. 6 m skip = 24 wheelie bins of rubbish A 6 m skip bin can hold a whopping 24 wheelie bins’ worth of rubbish. There are large skip bins of 10 cubic metre and 20 cubic metre for commercial uses. When choosing your skip bin, always ask the skip bin hire operator in Sydney for their advice.  If you can adequately described the type of rubbish and an estimate of their volume, the operator will be able to tell you what size bin you will require.

Hire your bin from a reputable skip bin hire company

Unfortunately, not all skip bin hire companies in Sydney are the same.  Some skip hires are small outfits with few trucks and bins.    They may be cheaper than others but you are going to have a problem trying to arrange a suitable drop off and pick up time especially when they do not have a large enough fleet. A reputable skip bin hire company in Sydney like Tangoskip are committed to recycling waste.  The waste collected by our trucks are taken to a licensed material recovery facility where they are sorted to recyclable and non-recyclable waste.  Only the non-recyclable waste is send to the landfill. A less reputable skip bin company may not be bothered with recycling and the waste you throw out may be destined for the landfill, or an illegal dumpsite.

Compare prices

You don’t want to waste money on your skip hire so always compare prices before you confirm with the company. You don’t have to go overboard calling every skip bin hire company in Sydney.  Choose three from the internet.  Read their customer reviews and ring them up for a quote.  By talking to them you will know if they are the right company to deal with.

Check the skip bin hire company online

The web is an amazing source of information about a company.  Check their website to see if they have Tangoskip is Sydney’s leading skip bin hire.  We have a wide range of skip bins for hire from small 2 cubic metre bins to large 10 cubic metre bins.  To book a bin, call us on 0422 222 468 or email us: