How to improve your home’s exterior

The exterior of your home is important when it comes to making a good first impression, especially when it comes to attracting potential home buyers or renters. If you’re looking to improve your curb appeal, focus on improvements to your landscaping, front door, porch, driveway, siding and any other exterior elements that are easily seen from the street. Read on to learn how to add curb appeal to your home with these project ideas for budgets of all sizes.

1. Spruce the front porch

The first thing potential buyers and renters see when they visit your property. First impression matters. Here are some things you can do:’
  • Paint your front door: Adding a bright, complimentary colour to your front door can draw attention to your home and give it a fresh look.
  • Create a frame around your door: This requires nothing more than a few boards or pieces of molding and some paint, but will make a plain entryway pop and help you improve your curb appeal.
  • Install a new door. If your door is damaged, outdated or made of low-quality material, buying and installing a new one will be money well-spent. Choosing a door with windows or molding can add a lot to your front porch.
  • Add a porch swing or other furniture: Create curb appeal by turning your front porch or patio into a living space. A hanging porch swing can be an inexpensive way to add a perk potential buyers will love.
  • Invest in a porch or portico. Don’t have a front porch? Building one will add appeal. Two columns and a roof over your front door will add an interesting architectural detail that will emphasize your entrance and welcome visitors into your home.

2. Landscape the front garden

Your yard plays a major factor in adding curb appeal. If your landscaping is out of control, guests or potential buyers may be hesitant to approach your home. You can tame your yard and improve your curb appeal when you:
  • – Remove any high maintenance plants, trees or bushes: If you’re trying to sell your home, some buyers will see complicated landscaping as a negative because they will need to invest time for upkeep or money to make changes. Strip out any yard features that require regular attention and add lower maintenance options instead.
  • Cut back overgrown shrubs and trees, removing any branches that block your home’s façade, address numbers, walkways, or windows. Stand in the street and make sure your entry is visible and inviting. Remove any plantings that block drivers’ views at the end of your driveway, too.
  • Add or replant a flower bed featuring low-maintenance plants: The easiest way to add attractive landscaping is to plant native plants that don’t need much attention and perennials which add color for years to come.
  • Fertilize and maintain your lawn. Everyone loves a green yard. Get rid of any brown or bare spots to give the front of your home a fresh, polished look. Take care of it seasonally by raking leaves, watering it and addressing weeds.

3. Invest in Renovation and Remodelling

If you have the budget you can invest in major renovation work that will improve your property’s curb appeal. Consider the following renovation projects to beautify your home:
  • Repaving the driveway. A pothole-filled driveway is an eyesore. Replacing your driveway will not only improve the appearance of your property but will also add value to your home. While repairing it is a less expensive option, repairs can often cause colour disparities that aren’t ideal for curb appeal.
  • Update your home’s exterior finish: For maximum curb appeal, your home’s siding, masonry or paint need to be in top shape. One of the best ways to make the outside of your house look better is to replace your siding, paint your home or invest in masonry updates. While this is an investment project, it will help pay for itself through increased curb appeal and a higher resale value.
  • Replace your garage door: If you garage door is looking dingy, it can reduce your curb appeal. Consider replacing or painting your garage door to give it a fresh look. A garage door with windows or other accents can further improve the look of your home.

4. Improve the home on a shoestring budget

There are many things you can do to spruce up your property’s exterior appeal. Here are some projects you can do that will not involve you spending thousands of dollars.
  • Add a new coat of paint on your fence, front porch, the front door. Perhaps the paint is looking tired and worn. Or maybe the colour is old-fashioned. Your local handyman store or paint store can give you good advice on what paints to buy for a DIY paint job.
  • Landscape the garden. Put in flower beds. Trim the hedge. Mow the lawn. There are many things you can do to pretty up the garden.
  • Update your mailbox. Throw out the old rusty tin can and fit in a new swish looking one. A mailbox is not going to burst your wallet.
  • Add lighting. Install security lighting or additional lighting on the porch. Add solar garden lights along the driveway.

5. Skip Bin rubbish

Whatever project you undertake to improve your property’s curb appeal will result in a large amount of waste – whether it’s construction waste (for example, concrete, timber, rocks and scrap metal) or green waste (for example, lawn clippings, hedge trimmings, dead branches, soil and dirt) you will need to hire a skip bin to take the waste away for you. Hiring a skip bin company to remove the waste is a good idea because you do not have to worry about the logistics of hiring a trailer and finding the right tip to take it too. A skip bin is delivered to your doorstep. You only have to load it once and they are very affordable in Sydney. Tangoskip is Sydney’s leading skip bin hire. We have a wide range of skip bins for hire from small 2 cubic metre bins to large 10 cubic metre bins. To book a bin, call us on 0422 222 468 or email us: