How to keep pests away from skip bins and rubbish

Pests are not just little creatures that destroy your things and creep you out, and there’s more reason to keep them away from skip bins and other rubbish than mere annoyance. Pests are associated with several diseases such as asthma and other health risks. Some trigger allergic reactions in people while others can serve as carriers of disease-causing microorganisms. Pests are also notorious causes of food contamination. Accordingly, it becomes necessary for you to have pest control as one of your priorities. Whether at home or in the workplace, pests should be eliminated as much as possible to maintain a healthy environment. Without pest control and efficient rubbish removal (e.g., unsanitary waste disposal and skip bins), you are putting yourself, your family, or your business and employees in risk of pest infestation.

Ways of keeping pests away from skip bins and other rubbish

When it comes to pest control, pesticides are often considered an easy remedy. However, pesticides may harm your health when used indiscriminately or excessively. They are considered toxic and have been linked to life-threatening diseases. Consequently, you may have to try other methods to lessen pesticide use. Tango Skip Bins has some practical yet effective tips to help you out:

Keep food wastes or leftovers away from your skip bin.

Like humans, cockroaches, rodents, and insects need food to survive. And there’s no better way for them to acquire food easily than to scavenge on your food leftovers. All these pests are waiting for you to dump your food waste into your skip bin. Using a kitchen garbage disposal unit is a great way to eliminate food wastes without the risk of pest infestation in your skips or other rubbish. A kitchen garbage disposal unit is an electrically powered device that shreds food waste so it can readily pass through plumbing. It can be installed in your kitchen sinks – just in between the trap and the drain.

Keep the lids of your Tango skip bins closed.

An open bin is a cordial invitation to pests. Leaving your skips open, even when empty, allows all types of pests to crawl their way inside your bins. Consequently, your bins become a breeding ground for any pest species around. Aside from keeping pests away from your rubbish, securing your skip bin’s lid will also help prevent other animals or the wind from scattering the contents all over the place.

Regularly clean your skips bins.

Pests are attracted to dirty and malodorous areas like skips or rubbish piles. Thus, dirty bins are ideal environments for pests, particularly cockroaches and rodents. To begin with, you may want to invest in a clean and sturdy skip bin. Eventually, you will have to clean your skip at least once a week with mild chemicals and detergents. Others use bleach or vinegar to not just clean their bins, but also to deodorize them.

Clean recyclable plastic bottles and other containers

Dirty plastic bottles and other containers add to the malodour that attracts pests to skips. By cleaning and recycling them, you are in a way hitting two birds with one stone – deodorising your bin while saving the environment from plastic pollution.

Place your skip bins or other rubbish at a distance

It is vital to position your skip out of reach of pests. With this, you may want to put your skip away from fences or sheds, or other areas where crawling insects or rodents will have easy access to. Established skip bin services, like Tango Skip Bins will be more than happy to move it to the perfect spot when it is delivered.

How to find the right skip bin company

Most customers source online these days so check on the website to find the best company in Sydney. When looking for a skip bin to hire be sure to find a company that is:
  • Has a good reputation – Read the reviews on their website to see what other customers think of them. If they are providing good services others will be full of praise.
  • Can give the best advice – It the company you contact is not knowledgeable on what size bin you will require even after you have spent some time explaining the type of rubbish to them perhaps you should reconsider.
  • Provides good customer service – If they have not been replying to your emails or voice messages, give them a miss. A company that does not get the inquiry stage right is not going to be a reliable one.
  • Can come out to your address when you need it. It is no point booking a skip bin company if it cannot come out when you need it.
  • Has a competitive price – It is important to find a skip bin company that is not going to overcharge you.
Skip bins is the most effective way to remove commercial and household waste from your party.  If you are embarking on a project, hire a skip bin to remove the rubbish generated so you don’t have to worry about this.  Spend the time on completing your project instead.  For example if you are doing a garage clean-out, clearing out the rubbish is just the first step.  The better steps are the ones where you rearrange the garage into a new pristine look. If you are looking for a reliable skip bin hire in Sydney, call the specialists at Tango Skip Bins for the best price, flexible delivery and pick-up and superior customer service.

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