Common mistakes people make when hiring a skip bin

You have some waste in the home you would like removed? You hired a skip bin company to take the waste away. So far so good. If you get it right the first time, you’re doing wonderfully. But how many of us get it right – the first time? Here are 4 skip bin hire nightmare scenarios many homeowners can identify with:

Skip bin hire nightmare scenario number 1

You have just cleared out the garage. You have rubbish all over the lawn. You hire a bin to remove it. The bin is delivered. You start loading the rubbish. Before you know it, you’ve filled it up. But hey, there’s still a big pile of rubbish to throw! What do you do?

Skip bin hire nightmare scenario number 2

You have ordered the bin. You are all ready to load it up. The bin doesn’t arrive. It’s not here – the next day. Or the next. What do you do?

Skip bin hire nightmare scenario number 3

Your bin arrives without a hitch. It’s the right size. You are all ready to start. The rubbish is on the driveway. It rains. What do you do?

Skip bin hire nightmare scenario number 4

Everything is going great. The bin is loaded. You go to bed. The next morning, you wake up and the street is littered with the rubbish from your bin. What do you do?

Skip bin hire nightmare scenario number 5

Your bin is delivered. You start loading the rubbish. So far so good until you come to the fridge. You can’t lift it onto the bin. What do you do?

Skip bin hire nightmare scenario number 6

Everything is going great again. You celebrate finishing loading the bin. Your wife comes out and ask you what has happened to the expensive rug she left on the lawn to air? What do you do?

Common mistakes people make when hiring a skip bin

All the above nightmare scenarios are real life examples. It has happened to most people and it can happen to you too. The good news is that if you know what the risks are, you may be able to take measures to prevent mistakes from happening. Here are some common mistakes most people make when hiring a skip bin:

Not checking the size or shape

Blame the internet. Every nugget of information is available online. You click on the skip bin hire company’s website. You scroll to their bin size and you think that’s the size I will need for my rubbish removal. You can roughly estimate the size of the rubbish you have by calculating the volume (i.e. length x weight x height). You can also estimate the size by visualising a trailer load of rubbish (i.e. how many trailer loads do you think you will need?) But other factors can also determine the size and shape of bin you need. For example, the space where you are planning to put the bin, the type of rubbish you want to put inside the bin (you may have only a few pieces of timber but if they are long, they may require a different size bin) and even the type of rubbish you are intending to put in the bin. Remember the nightmare scenario with the fridge? If you’ve hired a roller bin, you can simply roll the fridge into it. Don’t just rely on information online. Ask the skip bin hire operator for advice if you are unsure of any facts. Better to be safe than sorry.

Not loading the bin properly

Rubbish has to be properly distributed in the bin for optimal results. It is also a safety issue because an uneven load can tip the truck and may be a road hazard to other drivers during transportation. Start by loading the heaviest object at the bottom. Fit as many pieces in as possible into the bin. Always make sure the weight is evenly distributed on both sides of the bin. If you’ve consulted with the bin hire company, you will be delivered the right size bin for the volume of rubbish you have. The rest is just a little careful thought when loading.

Putting everything into the bin!

Not everything needs to be skipped. Some things can be thrown out with your regular garbage collection. If you are trigger happy filling up the bin, you could find yourself with a space problem for the items that really need to go into a bin like the old stereo.

Not planning ahead

A clean out or declutter project requires some planning. Plan on the delivery of the skip to time with the completion of the clearing out tasks. Remember the rain scenario? Don’t even attempt to do a spring clean in bad weather. Check the weather forecast first. Make sure you have a clear idea where you are putting the rubbish you want to throw out. That way you won’t be throwing out the missus expensive rug with the rubbish.

Not making it clear to the bin company where to put the bin

It’s important you tell the bin hire company where to place your bin. Ideally it should be kerbside. The last thing you want is to come home from work to find the bin on your driveway or lawn.

Not checking the authenticity of the company in advance

There are far too many dishonest operators around these days. Do your homework and check that the bin hire company you are using is a legitimate business and avoid having a nightmare scenario number 2. Ready to get rid of some rubbish in the home. Call the skip bin hire company that knows Sydney. Call Tangoskip today. Tangoskip is Sydney’s leading skip bin hire. We have a wide range of skip bins for hire from small 2 cubic metre bins to large 10 cubic metre bins. To book a bin, call us on 0422 222 468 or email us: