How to get rid of old appliances

Stuck with a pile of appliances? Whether you are fitting a brand-new kitchen, redecorating the home or just cleaning out the garage, a pile of old appliances is going to be a challenge to remove. Appliances are big, bulky and made of materials that tend to make their removal difficult and costly. If you’re wondering what to do with your old appliances, check out Tango Skip’s advice on what you can do.

Inorganic rubbish collection

Find out when Council is doing an inorganic rubbish collection and take it out to the curb. Alternatively, ring up Council’s office and ask if they can do a collection for you. You likely will have to schedule your appliance removal ahead of time and pay a moderate fee in addition to your usual trash bill. This option is not available everywhere, so be sure to contact your local municipal waste collection agency or the department of public works for more information on what to do with your old appliance. The pros for this method of removal is that you can easily get rid of any old appliances without worrying about the process. The service may be an annual run and you will not be required to pay. The cons for this method of removal is that you have to schedule your appliance removal to suit Council’s schedule. If it’s a dedicated service, you may be asked to pay a fee.

Sell or list it online

If your appliance is still in good working condition, you can try listing it on sites like Gumtree and sell it to someone else. There will be buyers if your price is right and if you are prepared to wait awhile. Even if your appliance is broken you can still list in as scrap and collections of scrap metal will contact you for removal. The pros for this method of removal are you could earn some cash selling it. Even if you are giving it away free as scrap, it’s someone else’s problem to dispose of it. The cons are the time involved in getting rid of the appliances.

Hand it down

If you’ve bought a new television set and no longer require your old one, you may want to hand it down to a friend or a family member. It’s a good way of recycling a perfectly good appliance and you will make some in your family or circle of friends happy. The pro is that you are helping someone else by donating your appliance to them. The con is that it will take time trying to get someone who wants to take it off your hands. Also you have the added worry of how to transport it to them and this may involve hiring a Ute or removers to do the job for you.

Donate it to charity

Another way to efficiently dispose of old appliances is to donate to charity. There are many charitable organisations that will be more than happy to receive your donation. As long as you are not giving them a dude appliance! Donating to charity is a feel good experience but you have to be ethical about the process. Do not just assume your appliance is still working. Plug it and check that it works. Charitable organisations are doing you a favour helping you take the appliance off your hands. The money they make from reselling the appliance helps them continue with their altruistic activities. They are not there to take rubbish off your hands. The pro of donating is obvious. It is a feel good experience. You are doing something good for society. The cons may put you off a little. If the appliance is small, you can easily carry it to the charity. But if you have a large appliance like a fridge, you will have to work out the logistics of getting it there. Most charities run a pick-up service which means finding the right time to arrange for the service.

Hire a Skip Bin

A skip bin is an easy and efficient way to remove unwanted or broken appliances from your property. When ordering a skip bin or dumpster, make sure you order the right type and size for the rubbish you would like to dispose. A roll off dumpster is an easy way to get rid of appliances and other junk from around the house. Simply load your items into the bin and call back when you’re finished to have it all hauled away. Plus, you can hang onto your container for as long as needed to finish your project. Since you can also use a roll off dumpster to throw away other items along with your old appliances, this option is great for home cleanouts or kitchen renovation. There are many pros to hiring a skip bin for your appliance removal project. The service is easy to use. You do not have to worry about transporting the appliance to a dump. All you have to do is ring the company and the bin will be delivered to your doorstep at an appointed time. When you have finished loading the dumpster, the company will come and pick it up. Sydney has many skip bin hire companies and you will find that the pricing is quite competitive. A skip bin can fit a large volume of waste so you can take advantage of it by throwing other equipment you no longer require like an old computer, a keyboard, broken speakers and so forth. There are several cons with using a skip bin hire to remove your old and unwanted appliances. You will have to work out what size to hire. If you are not sure of the size of bin you require, you can check with the company offering the service. You will have to sort out the appliances you want to discard. You also have to load it onto the skip yourself but at least you are only doing it once. Do you have old or broken appliances you need to get rid of? Call Tangoskip Bin and have it taken away immediately. Tangoskip is Sydney’s leading skip bin hire. We have a wide range of skip bins for hire from small 2 cubic metre bins to large 10 cubic metre bins. To book a bin, call us on 0422 222 468 or email us: