Renovating your home? Don’t forget the Skip Bin!

Summer is the best time for home improvements. Whether it’s a major renovation, a small DIY job or a landscaping project, you are going to find yourself with a building waste problem eventually. Reduce your stress levels by ensuring that you have a skip bin hire company sorted out before the work begins. When the work is over, you want to be able to enjoy the results as soon as possible. Having a pile of building or green waste everywhere is not going to make that experience very enjoyable. Hiring a skip bin for your home renovation is a smart move. Skip bins come in all sizes and shapes so you do not have to overspend unnecessary. Most bin hire companies will be able to give you the right advice on the size you will need. Skip bins have a multitude of uses. You may not be aware of all of them so here is a list of some of the things you can throw into a skip bin:

1. Old carpets

If you’ve stripped your carpets for the beautiful hardwood floorboards underneath, you will have hundreds of metres of old carpet that will need to be thrown out. The easiest way to throw it is to hire a bin. If you are re-carpeting a room, you will have many pieces of odds and ends that will need to be disposed of. A skip bin can do this job for you efficiently.

2. Building waste

Your renovation project may involve tearing down walls, floors, building new structures and so forth. There will be piles of building waste like concrete, bricks, tiles and wood. Every piece needs to be removed and the best way to do it is to skip it. Australian states have strict codes and guidelines on the disposal of building waste so the best option for you is to call in the professionals and let them do all the work for you. Be sure to check with the skip bin hire company about what you can throw into the bin first before you order the bin. Special materials like asbestos require special removal processes and the company may not have the expertise.

3. Kitchen sink

You have the new kitchen, what do you do with the kitchen sink? Kitchen building waste like other building waste has to be removed by a professional skip bin operator. Likewise if you have renovated the bathroom, you will have to find a way of disposing the sink or old shower stall. The skip bin is your answer.

4. Heavy metal waste

If your renovation project involves tearing down walls and other major construction, metal is easily one of the building wastes you will have. Heavy metal waste can be removed in a heavy waste bin.

5. Timber

Timber is another common waste from home improvement and renovation projects. Treated timber, loose timber pieces, wooden floorboards and other wood materials can be placed in a mixed heavy waste skip bin. If you are into carpentry you will have odds and ends that you want to remove, particularly if you are making space in your garage for your latest summer project. A skip bin is an easy solution to removing clutter and creating new spaces in your home or garage. 6. Green waste Green waste can easily accumulate in a home improvement project. Imagine the amount of green waste you are going to have if you install a swimming pool or build an extension to create more room and living spaces for the family. The green waste in a building site can range from cut grass to shrubs and even trees. The little green recycle bin you have at home is not going to be able to handle the load. Call a skip bin company and ask for a green skip bin. Green skip bins are dedicated skip bins for green waste only. The company will be able to advise you on the size of bin to hire. It is important to remember that green waste cannot be mixed with building waste so you may have to hire more than one bin for your removal purposes.

7. Asbestos

Asbestos in the ceilings of older buildings require specialist removal. Your builder will be able to tell you if you have asbestos in the home. When booking your bin hire, be sure to ask the company if they have the capabilities to remove asbestos.

8. General rubbish

A construction site is littered with general rubbish. These can be cardboard boxes, plywood, packaging, loose paper, plastic wraps, stones, rocks and others. The most effective way to get rid of this eyesore is to hire a skip bin and have it all taken away.

9. Electrical goods

If you have install a new kitchen, you are going to be left with an old fridge, stove and oven that will need to be taken away. A medium size skip bin can help you get rid of them easily. If you are cleaning out your garage or basement, you may find old computers, broken television, radios and other electrical goods that you will want to throw out. The best solution is to ring a skip bin hire company and have them do the work for you.

10. Soil and dirt

Soil and dirt is synonymous with a construction site. It is impossible to remove these without a skip bin.

11. Paint and paint products

The builder is not going to take the leftover paints with him. He may also leave behind rags and plastic. Throw these out with the rest of your construction rubbish and skip bin it away. Skip bin hire is essential for the modern Australian home. The best time to hire the bin is now – when the weather is warm and conducive for the clean-out or DIY project you have been postponing all winter. Call the bin hire company today and get the task out of the way so you can enjoy the rest of the summer Tangoskip is Sydney’s leading skip bin hire. We have a wide range of skip bins for hire from small 2 cubic metre bins to large 10 cubic metre bins. To book a bin call us on 0422 222 468 or email us: